Design Attracts. Copy Sells.

"Copy is the Soul of Marketing That Translates Your Unique Vision Into Words That Connect, Persuade, and Sell." - Lee Collins

If you're a...
  • Small Business,
  • eCommerce company, or
  • Entrepreneur
... or even an established Main Street business looking to connect your company with new markets, new clients and new profit sources, while attracting more customers who think like your current clients.

That's where Little Shop of Copy can help.

It may surprise you to hear me say this, but... 

... sales copy, alone, doesn’t sell your products and services…

… instead, taking your readers on a journey (we call it the "customer journey") throughout your marketing campaign (brand story) will increase sales every time.

Because EVERY brand has a story.

That's why we leverage our 3-step storytelling system in all our copywriting projects - inside your articles, blog posts, sales pages, ads and more - to increase reader engagement, and to help you get more leads and sales across the board.

Here's how it works...

Our 3-Step Storytelling System is Simple

... and humbly stands on the shoulders of giants.

Step 1: Connect

“Storytelling… good storytelling… is a vital component of every marketing campaign.”
Gary Halbert, Legendary Direct Marketing Guru
Every brand has a story. Every product has a story. Every service has a story. These stories are how people recognize and differentiate you and your products/services from your competitors.

Step 2: Persuade

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”
Zig Ziglar, Legendary Salesman, Author and Speaker
All people buy with their emotions and justify their purchase with logic. You have to capture their hearts and make them feel you. A brochure website listing your features simply isn’t good enough anymore.

Step 3: Sell

“People are looking for a connection. Tell a good enough story about your brand and people will not only get invested, they’ll want to buy from you.” 
John Michael Morgan, Legendary Author, Brand Against the Machine
Connection is about REAL-ationships. Not your widget. It’s about what you can do for them. How you make their life easier in some unique way. Connection is the ultimate catalyst to more and better sales.

A Small Sampling of How it Works...

A Google ad I wrote generated an average 510% Return on Investment for over 19 months, without any edits or re-writes in that timeframe.
A 4-Day Flash Sale campaign I wrote broke all sales records for a training company, and became the new benchmark for all their future 4-Day sales.
A landing page I wrote pulled in over $340k in sales in one month from cold traffic alone with a conversion rate that exceeded 17%.
2 marketing campaigns I wrote for a client helped them pay off over $800k in debt while also rebuilding company revenue back to over $100k/month
A campaign I wrote for a client went on to outsell every other product he had ever created by a margin of over 13x - and I wrote it in less than a week.
A sales letter I wrote under an oak tree in an Applebee's parking lot in Georgia made over $14k in 23 minutes plus pulled in millions for clients.
A direct mail letter I wrote created over $50k per week in affiliate revenue for almost 2 years before the business was eventually sold.
An email I wrote was sent out to their list and produced more sales in 30 days than the company had seen in the previous 5 years combined.
An offer I wrote for a deck builder worked so well selling his deck sealant that he closed down his contractor service to focus on selling the sealant.

Every Brand Has a Story... Yes, Even Yours

Starbucks has a story.
Starbucks was started by three University friends, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker.

When brainstorming for a name, a partner in an advertising agency co-owned by Bowker, suggested that the name begin with the letters “ST.” He felt names starting with these two letters were strong names. The company used a map to try and come up with ideas, and one idea was for Starbo. This led another to think of a character from Moby-Dick (Starbuck). It is interesting that the logo for the company has a seafaring design even though the company claims there is no connection to the book or the character. It is just something that fit with those first two letters.
Pampers has a story.
The first disposable diaper was invented in 1956 by a Procter & Gamble researcher named Victor Mills. He had been unsatisfied with the options available for changing his grandson's cloth diapers, so he set out to find an easier way - and succeeded! Today we can enjoy Pampers because of this successful challenge on behalf of little ones everywhere who need help being happy laughing babies.

Mills never gave up trying new things; it’s what led him into creating something better than any before them: A dependable product that protects babies' softest parts while they're doing anything but sitting still (and even sometimes toward bedtime).
YOUR company has a story.
Stories are the best way to catch your audience’s attention and keep it. Not just any story - emotional, well-crafted stories with a relatable hero demonstrating how using products or services positively changes their life for better.

The one thing that all great brand stories have in common? 

They all have characters everyone can identify with.
Let us help you tell your story...

"The copywriting was 100% the best I have ever paid for, and the finished package is how a package should look to wow your clients. Can’t wait to get it all loaded!"

- Jeremy Kean, The Fundraising Wizard

"I’ve been able to focus on the FUN parts of my business rather than the “work”. While I initially hired Lee with borrowed money, he QUADRUPLED my income that first month. So it was totally worth it."

- Kristen Joy

"I can purchase our dream home this year without spending any more on housing than I am right now. I owe this current roll that I’m on, at least in part, to you. You are a blessing! Thanks Lee."

- Darrin Mish

"I show 330 sales as of now and we still have a day and a half to go with the last day usually being our biggest. We might have another record breaker on our hands!"

- Joseph Michael

"He’s smart, technical and a very good marketer – as in one of the few people who can actually write great copy that really sells."

- Brad Fallon


Years of expertise writing high-converting copy for small-medium business, eCommerce, enterprise, and agency clients.


Successful copy projects including landing pages, direct mail, ads, special reports, guides, advertorials & email sequences.


Happy clients who have relied on me to translate their vision into words that connect, persuade, and sell.


Sales made for my clients and/or my businesses since I started as a fledgling copy cub way back in 1999.
Here's what to do now...

Step 1 - Decide to Tell Your Story

Full disclosure: If you're looking for someone who can just throw a bunch of generic words on a page at the cheapest price... I’m not your guy. (You can find plenty over on Fiverr).

• But, if your project and the results are important to you...
•• And you’re looking for a seasoned, veteran copywriter who "gets" marketing... 
••• With 23+ years and over $311Million in successful copywriting experience...
•••• Who understands how to tap into your prospects' fears, frustrations, beliefs & desires...
••••• To connect your company with new markets, new clients and new profit sources...
•••••• While attracting more customers who think like your current clients.

AND... has helped thousands of companies around the world tell their story, capture their clients’ hearts, and connect in real ways (that often grew their business exponentially)...

We should talk.
There are two main paths we can take from here:
OPTION #1 - For Larger Projects


• Have a new offer you want to promote?
• Have an idea you want to bring to life? 

ORIGIN is starting with bare-bones information and creating your copy from scratch. Let's talk about your vision and what it will take to create the kind of story that will connect, persuade and sell to your audience.
OPTION #2 - For Smaller Budgets


• Already have an offer with draft copy to work from?
• Have an offer that's sorta working or not working? 

AMPLIFY is copy critique on steroids where I will meticulously go through everything you have and share edits, updates and re-writes that will help you connect, persuade and sell more to your audience.
But you don't have to decide now. Schedule your call and Lee will help you pick the right path for your needs.
Important: This is always a no-obligation call and I LOVE talking about new projects... but please know in advance any project we discuss will reflect an investment in professional, high-quality copy, written personally by me and commensurate with my 23 years of experience and over $311Million in sales. My experience is not a discountable service. If you are on a tight budget, I may advise you to work with my team instead.

Design Attracts. Copy Sells.

All great companies tell their story, capture their clients’ hearts and connect with them in real ways. It’s how they grow their business. And it’s how you will grow your business too. Let's win. Together.

Sometimes I am Asked...

Will you match a lower price?

I think you'll find the prices are more than fair. But, if you’re looking for bottom-of-the barrel, discount services I’m not your guy. My 23+ years of experience is not a discountable product.

Can you handle rush jobs?

No. I have always enjoyed writing and I take a lot of care in my copywriting. My clients deserve the best, and rushing through a job doesn't allow me to provide my best. You can't rush something you want to last forever.

Do you have any referrals?

I have privacy agreements with many of my clients (you’ll appreciate this when we work together) but there are a whole bunch of great people who have said nice things about me here.

May I see some copywriting samples?

Sure. Setup a call above and let's chat so I can get a feel for what you need. After I understand what you're looking for, I'll put something together just for you. (I don't like giving prescriptions without a diagnosis.)

Who is Little Shop of Copy?

Little Shop of Copy is primarily Lee Collins, although he does have a merry band of in-house junior copywriters who sometimes help with the more repetitive writing tasks. But Lee does 90% of the writing and oversees and approves 100% of all writing before it goes to any client.

Do you have experience in my industry?

If you sell B2B, B2C, or through eCommerce or direct response, or are an expert or entrepreneur, chances are I have some level of experience with your type of product or service. Take a look at the industries I have served and, if you still have questions, let's get on a call.

What industries have you written for?

So many, including: Alternative Health, B2B, Beauty Supplies, Coaching, Congress, Consulting, Craftsmen, Diet, eCommerce, Essential Oils, Figurines, Finance, Fitness, Fence Builders, Former NFL Players, Health, Home Defense, Influencers, Internet Marketing, Jewelry, Keto Diet, Luxury Hotels, Make Money Online, Mobile Apps, Network Marketing, Organic Skincare, Outdoor Goods, Personal Development, Personal Safety, Physical Products, Professional Services, Real Estate, Software (SaaS), Tech, Trading, Travel, Website Builders, Women’s Fashion, and probably a few more I have forgotten. 

How do I know I will like your work?

Super question. If we have done our job right before the copy is even written, it will already be a natural extension of your voice. In the the end testing the copy is far more important than "liking" it. As an example: the first sales copy I bought, I hated it when I read it. But when I ran traffic to it and it sold like cRaZy... I loved it. All that said, if there's a legit/legal reason for something we need to change, we can work on it. Oh, and if you're reading this far you already like my work, so we should be fine. ;-)

What if I have a question not asked here?

Setup a call and I'll get you taken care of.


Air Force veteran and former corporate VP, Lee Collins is best known as an early pioneer of Direct Response Marketing on the Internet.

Since 1999, Lee has parlayed his experience into his Top-Down Consulting Framework to help thousands of clients build and optimize their "Repeat Profit" marketing systems resulting in more sales, more profit and most importantly – more freedom from their business with less stress, and without the typical overwhelm and frustration. 

When Lee isn't helping clients solve marketing and systems problems, he enjoys time with his wife contemplating by a campfire, exploring a mountain or desert trail in his Jeep Gladiator, or planning their next epic BBQ roadtrip.
"It's time to focus on what you love, and let us solve marketing problems so you don’t have to... systems are the way."